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SGS Aircooled
Vintage VW Fanatics


Despite what the name may suggest, we are passionate about water-cooled Volkswagens too and specialise in the maintenance and restoration of all types of more recent Volkswagens. At our specialist Volkswagen workshop Curdridge-based workshop, you’ll often see a Mk1 Golf looking very comfortable with it’s air-cooled ancestors and younger models too.

Because we are totally inclusive of all air-cooled and water-cooled Volkswagens, don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll only find classic air-cooled dubs! At any given time, we also have a plethora of T4 and T5 Volkswagen Campervans taking advantage of our comprehensive list of services.

So, whether you drive a classic air-cooled or more recent watercooled VW, we are dedicated to restoring and maintaining your ride … from carrying out repairs and servicing to your classic, or an annual service for your T4 Transporter, the SGS small family run business is looking forward to welcoming you and your VW family.