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Rat Look Beetle

This rat look beetle belonging to Carlton already had a 1641cc fast road engine with an Engle 110 cam magnum 044 heads and a single progressive carb which was built by ourselves some time earlier ………However the owner wanted much, much, much more this time…

I was asked to get what ever I could out of an old 1800cc engine that was chucking out its oil. After a few calculations I came up with a 2020cc engine using a 4mm larger stroke fully balanced and counter weighted crank.

I also added:-  an Engle 125 cam, lube-a-lobe followers, straight cut cam gears, cut to length chromoly push rods, 1.25:1 ratio rockers , Magnum 044 big valve heads,  ‘H’ beam CB racing rods, CB vented bolt on rocker covers, a Bug Pack breather kit , a full flow filtered oil system, a Bug Pack fan assisted oil cooler, and a Stage 1 Kennedy clutch ….Finally it was garnished with a pair of 48 IDF Webbers and a T-bird twin tuck away exhaust.

This beetle is currently running 1/4 mls in under 16 seconds at Santa Pod!