Specialists In Air Cooled Volkswagens

Below are just a few examples of performance modifications

Carried out by ourselves

Click on image to see pictures

 of work carried out

Performance projects

This rat look beetle belonging to Carlton already had a 1641cc fast road engine with an Engle 110 cam magnum 044 heads and a single progressive carb……...However the owner wanted much much more……..

Here’s the engine I built for a 1970 bay much the same spec as what used to be in the ‘ratty’ beetle above but with twin carbs and more shiny bits.

Also I added a bit of extra handling capabilities to the old girl.!!!

This buggy was bought to us cos’ someone else had it for 6 months to build a 2110 engine and didn’t get the job done.


We built the engine and done several other jobs like disc conversion and MOT work and finished it in 2 weeks.

This Trike is a German built machine

It was bought to us for a larger more powerful engine to be built.


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