Specialists In Air Cooled Volkswagens

Small Welding projects

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†of work carried out

A lovely bay window owned by Sexy Boy (Mark) that needed a cab floor section


A T25 of Jimís that needed a little TLC on itís front arch area



A smart looking beetle owned by Gary that needed a quick application of new metal for itís MOT



A nice Splitty belonging to Nick who again needed a MOT to keep him on the move



A bright red custom beetle belonging to Arron that again needed a fair but of welding for itís MOT



Unfortunately someone reversed into my van so hereís an extra job I could have done without!!!!

Big Welding projects/Restorations


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†of work carried out

This Beetle was so rotten that the only hope of rescuing it was to lift it of the floor pan and replace the bottom 6 inches.

This job was done more for the love than the money!! (Itís the wife's)

This Splitty belonging to† Mark was in a right state underneath and needed a full resto job to bring it back to itís former glory.

This van owned by Sara come to us for quite a bit of MOT welding and ended up having inner sills, out riggers and jacking points replaced both sides.

A cool looking de-seamed owned by Duncan that needed a lot of new metal for itís MOT

Body off restoration

This beetle was a long project. It was bought to us to have a complete body off restoration to turn it into a


Hi-spec custom car.

This beetle come in to us as a Herbie replica in need of a full body off restoration.

This picture was taken just prior to hand painted graphics going on


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